Hi! I am Andrea and I am the proud owner of hands that produce the chocolate here at BECH Chokolade. In chocolate I find a fulfilling and sincere way to express my creativity and passion for all those sweet things in life that deserve to be indulged. I was educated in Canada by a Master Chocolatier who shared his skills and discipline with me which have prepared me to emark on my very own chocolate adventure. Here, I hope to provide a unique and remarkable experience where I can share some new and exciting flavour combinations along with a playful and imaginative presentation.


What is a flødebolle? A Danish classic treat consisting of a marshmellow-like cream dipped in chocolate. Ours are inspired by the true classic flødebolle with honest high quality ingredients and our own artistic expression. Traditionally, they sit on a base of marzipan but we make ours on a homemade shortbread base. We dip them in dark, milk and white chocolate to please every tastebud! We like to make different sizes and mix flavours and colours for a unique experience according to the seasons and events around the harbour.

Chocolate bars

We have a wide assortment of chocolate bars, available in dark, milk and white chocolate with fun and creative toppings sure to please everyone.

filled Chocolates

All of our filled chocolates are handmade and consistiong of the highest quality ingredients. Many of them are also hand-painted with cacao butter to give them a refined, contemporary and polished look. There is a lot of time, dedication and love behind each single piece of chocolate. We pride ourselves in our small batch and non-mass-produced production style, where we can really concentrate and guarantee quality, taste and a sharp product. .