Hi! I am Rina I am the proud owner of hands that produce the chocolate here at BECH Chokolade. In chocolate I find a fulfilling and sincere way to express my creativity and passion for all those sweet things in life that deserve to be indulged. 


Here, I hope to provide a unique and remarkable experience where I can share some new and exciting flavour combinations along with a playful and imaginative presentation.


What is a spejderkugle? A chocolate treat filled with licorice caramel and rolled in licorice powder.


It is inspired of a classic danish sweet called Spejderkugler. A hard candy that is very popular with all children.

Chocolate bars

We have a wide assortment of chocolate bars, available in dark, milk and white chocolate with fun and creative toppings sure to please everyone.


This is a classic danish cake made by pastry chef Bendt Hansen from Listed. It is coated with the best dark chocolate.

There is a lot of time, dedication and love behind each single piece of chocolate. We pride ourselves in our small batch and non-mass-produced production style, where we can really concentrate and guarantee quality, taste and a sharp product.